On the Road

Sorry for hyping up this blog and then never updating it.  But, see, here’s the thing.  A travel blog needs three things to become a reality:

1.  A charged computer.  (Ours died somewhere in Minnesota)

2.  Internet service.  (What?!  No Wi-Fi in National Parks?!)

3.  Time to sit down and write and upload pictures.  (And we’re too busy doing stuff!)

So, just know that we really would love to update you all with our musings about grizzly bears, professors, and asian dance clubs, but for now we have to get out there and do some stuff.  Until the next time we have internet, farewell!

P.S.  We saw the world’s largest Jolly Green Giant statue.  Be jealous.  We will get those pics up soon.  Bye!


One response to “On the Road

  1. leeanne dollins

    Fire in Zion National Park burns 900 acres

    The Associated Press
    Updated: 07/20/2009 01:31:31 PM MDT

    Zion National Park » A fire that has burned 900 acres in Zion National Park has forced more trail closures.

    The fire was first spotted July 7 just over a mile southeast of Lava Point, in the northern portion of the park.

    Park officials said Monday the increased fire activity over the weekend prompted them to expand closures to a portion of the West Rim Trail. The trail is now closed from Lava Point to the junction with the Telephone Canyon Trail. Imlay Canyon is also closed.

    The fire is being allowed to burn east of the West Rim Trail to benefit the ecosystem. Fire officials hope it will run out of fuel when it reaches an area that burned last fall.

    The fire is 25 percent contained. FYI

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