Grand Tetons




dang oh we look good!

dang oh we look good!

Near Jenny Lake

Near Jenny Lake

Hidden Falls, Teton NP

Hidden Falls, Teton NP

And one pic of the awful road construction that never ended.  My life for 4 hours!


So, like I was saying at the end of the last post, Mary and I were on our way to find a campground.  We had no real plan other than to drive north.  We at least wanted to make it to Montana so the drive would be easier in the morning.  The road atlas showed 3 little camping symbols right across the Montana border.  When we arrived in the general location of the campgrounds on the map, we peeled our eyes.  We were pretty tired and really ready to be out of the car.

By the by, we go crazy in the car.  Not our driving so much as our minds become unhinged (please dont worry Mikey D).  Over the course of our trip we have come to appreciate several makebelieve characters the ride in the backseat of Mary’s car.  These characters talk to us and through us via spiritual possession.  The VIP list is as follows:

1. Megatron: The leader of the Decepticons and the arch enemy of Optimus Prime.

2. Courtney Peck:  My ex-girlfriend and very own arch enemy.

3. Brian Foster:  Courtney’s ex-boyfriend and an emo pre-teen.

4. Helen Keller:  We let her do most of the talking!

5. Evan Williams: Not the liquor, the man who invented it.  He rides on Megatron’s lap.  Safety first!  Click it or Ticket!

The last imaginary character resides in the trunk unless he is released.   This character is called Daddy, but we call him Dad when he is misbehaving.  Daddy is the craziness that explodes violently out of us when our brains unhinge themselves.  It is a lot of fun I must say.  We have a whole slew of quotes that we are going to put up at the end of the trip.  I am pretty sure “Daddy” is responsible for at least 73% of them.  More on character happenings and quotes later.

Any who, back to the real world.  We are trying to find at least one of the three campgrounds on the map, but we arent seeing any signs for camping.  Eventually Mary gets pissed off and turns off the highway on some gravel road in the middle of nowhere Montana.  She tells me that she saw a sign for an RV park down the road.  I think she is crazy, but go along with it.  After 3 minutes of driving we see a brown sign saying something about $10 camping.  We were overjoyed to finally get out of the car and cook up some dinner.

By the By, we have learned to absolutely love cooking on my one burner Coleman propane stove.  Daily meals go something like this: Boil water for tea or coffee, peanut butter toast with banana, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and either grilled cheese with soup, rice or pasta side or ramen for dinner.  Might not sound like much, but it is heaven to us.

We set up camp and cooked.  A very nice older gentelman said hello to us and invited us over to enjoy his fire later on.  Aint camping unless ya gotta fire is what I say.  We get done eating and head over to his campsite.  The three of us were the only people camping that night in the campground so we enjoyed a nice quiet fire and conversation.  He introduced himself as “the Professor”.  He told us that he taught English back in the day and had traveled to Kuwait.  Apparently, the Kuwaitis have a vengance against the Professor, for they tried to run him over in their cars and then arrest him for being in their way.  Due to his ingenuity and quick-thinking, the Professor narrowly escaped arrest and got his hiney back in the good ol’ U.S. of A.  A comic book will soon be released detailing more of the Professor’s escapades.

The Professor smoked a corn cob pipe and sipped on Canadian whiskey and told wonderful stories.  He is a fly fisherman and told us that if we ever found ourselves in Michigan, he would teach us how to fly fish.  We totally want to take him up on this!  We also now know about driftboating, where one man rows the boat against the current and the other two men sit there and fish.  All in all, the Professor is way cooler than we will ever be and we are glad to have met him!

The man himself

The man himself

We woke up the next morning and headed to Glacier National Park.  Details to come soon!


7 responses to “Grand Tetons

  1. The waterfall down the mountains was beautiful. I love the imaginary characters. Too funny! The next time I eat peanut butter toast with banana I will think of the two of you. Love you.

  2. leeanne dollins

    the photos are gorgeous!! you guys are so lucky to witness God’s creation up close and personal. Wish I could be there with you, but it sounds like you have a car full! can’t wait to know what Helen Keller had to say! stay safe and come home soon, I miss you!

  3. Wes-Looks like you enjoyed the Tetons, it’s beautiful up there! One of our favorite places to vaca. We hiked to that exact waterfall (HIdden Falls) a couple of years ago when were in Jackson. Glad you are having fun. Be safe. xoxo, Aunt Bren

  4. (Favorite) Aunt Kelly

    Beautiful photos. You two are so cute! Why is the professor camping alone? creepy! Glad Daddy is in the trunk to protect you!

    • I know the Professor, have for 15+ years. He is a true outdoorsman and not creepy at all. A very interesting guy!!!!
      You would enjoy meeting him, too.

  5. The pictures are so pretty, bet you are glad you went there even if camping was limited. Hope you get home soon, we miss you. Now, school will be starting and we won’t see you until Thanksgiving. Be safe, drive safely and we will look for you when we see you coming. Love Grandma

  6. Wes & Mary~~ The “Professor” came home with wonderful stories of your night at the campfire. He is serious about you visiting MI and tell Aunt Kelly not to worry about the Professor, he is far from creepy and was enjoying his time alone from the other “3” that took a day trip elsewhere. He loves his space, listening to the birds, fishing and meditating. Anyway, Wes & Mary, he really enjoyed your visit and is always kind to others and willing to help. He is a great storyteller, but scarier is the fact that most of the stories are actually true! with sometimes a slight stretch of the truth–but they’re his stories.
    Hope I get to meet you two sometime. We just bought a river home where he will continue giving me my fly fish lessons.
    Mrs. Professor

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