Montana: Big Sky State

I know we have slacked off completely in finishing the blog concerning our summer travels.  I wished we had had the enthusiasm to finish, but it is hard work keeping up with it all.  So for all intensive purposes, I am going to post the rest of the pictures from our trip and write up a general outline of what we experienced.

By the way, Montana was our absolute favorite destination on this trip and we were deeply sadden to leave it.  I had never been particularly excited about the 4th largest state in the US, who mainly arouse images of sheep and big blue skies.  Nonetheless, every morning we woke up in Montana was something new to behold.  After our night with the Professor, we woke up early and headed north up through Butte, Missoula and Kalispell.  We arrived rather late in the afternoon to Glacier National Park.  Unfortunately, all the camping was full in the park.  So as usual, we backtracked to find National Forest Campsite in the nearby area.  We found a random campsite 15 miles down a gravel road at was almost full.  We paid one nights fee and set up camp. For some odd reason, this campsite was the place to be for the locals.  From the looks of the campsite, everyone was a local and had been RVing it for some time now.



One of the crowning moments of the trip was when Mary insisted on waking up at 6 AM so that we would be sure to get a campsite within the park.  I didnt blame her since we had been driving so much so I agreed.  We rose early (way to early), made breakfast and took off for the park.  We circled the campsite Sprague Creek for several minutes before finding a site.  After getting a site we drove around a bit and took pictures.  From our initial impression of Glacier, we didnt understand what all the fuss was about.  It was nice, dont get me wrong, but from the outside it looked like all the rest of the Rock Mountain NPs we had seen.  Boy were we wrong.



The rest of our hikes and adventures in Montana our coming soon.  Hopefully later today!


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