Update: Kickin Ass

After a nap, the world looks a little brighter.  I know Weston told me to stay awake until bedtime, but I couldn’t.  I took a nap and kept hitting snooze while waiting for someone to Skype me.  It was good to see Weston, even if I was a bit incoherent from just waking up.  I miss him.

So I slept until 4:30 and then decided to go to the grocery store.  I had eaten lunch earlier at a cafe down the road, after a long time searching for a place with food I could pronounce.  After finally finding a place with an English menu on the window, I ate a cheese sandwich (actually really good) while the cafe cat stared me down.  It was fun.

After napping, I did not want to go on another hunt for a restaurant, and I didn’t really want to spend that much money.  I googled the nearest Albert Heijn’s and started to walk there.  However, construction was going on so I had to make a detour.  Amsterdam detour  successfully accomplished!!  I got to the grocery store.

Little did I know that the apocalypse was about to happen and every Dutch person and their mom were at Albert Heijn’s.  People seemed to be running around the grocery store, grabbing furiously, talking in groups in a language I could not understand.  Well, like Weston taught me, I acted like I knew what I was doing and started running and grabbing too.  I bought some bread (I think I accidentally got rye instead of wheat, but hell, how am I supposed to know?  I can’t read), cheese (not sure what kind…looked to be just cheap, normal cheese), and a caeser salad.  I paid (ah the little accomplishments of using Euros) and left.

The hardest thing by far has been my inability to read the language.  I am a good reader but I never realized how much I rely on being able to read.  I am good at figuring things out by reading (maps, not so much), so this Dutch thing has totally crippled me.  But I’m learning.  I’m going to stick to grocery stores so I can see the food, and I have been looking at signs and menus that are in both English and Dutch.  So far my vocabulary consists of: “or” in English=”of” in Dutch.  I think.

5 responses to “Update: Kickin Ass

  1. The adventures have begun already. The grocery store thing was probably just a bunch of people in a hurry to get to the ‘shops’. Or they had just come from them and had a bad case of munchies. I’m so glad you made it! That’s a song, isn’t it? Well anyway, keep blogging, you crack me up. I looked forward to coming home to read this today, and as usual, you didn’t disappoint.

  2. I thought the whole reason you went there was because they spoke English! I told you to bring the Dutch to English dictionary!

  3. Oh and did I mention Marti told me Europeans go to the grocery store every day? The like stuff fresh.

  4. About the grocery store thing: Maybe they’re just weird… :) lol.

  5. When in doubt–go with bread and peanut butter–can’t go wrong there. :) Love you!

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