Captain A-Mary-ca!

You know those ice breaker questions where people ask what movie star would play you in the movie of your life story?  Well my actor would be Mel Gibson, and my life’s movie would be The Patriot.

There has been a lot of discussion going around about how obnoxious Californians are (in general, because I’ve met a few cool ones), but I think I’ve found the pinnacle of irritating nationalities:  The Canadian.

Tonight I went to an international student welcome at the school, and I brought along Ole Martin and Magnus, even though they were evidently not supposed to be there because they are with the Erasmus program.  Woops.  Anyway, we met up with Thomas there, and afterward we decided to go get food.  Somehow we had met these Canadian girls who were also down for food so they came along.

All was going well, except for the part where the girls didn’t know where they were going so we walked all over the place trying to find them pizza.  Finally Thomas just said we should eat at Wok to Walk, which was really good food.  We sat down to eat, and we kind of just started talking about cultural differences.  Actually, Ole Martin said, “So what do the Canadians think of the Americans, and what do the Americans think of the Canadians?”

Wrong move.  Apparently, the tyranny of George Bush gave every Canadian the right to feel superior to us in every way.  The Canadians basically said some Americans are cool and some are jerks, which is true.  But they had this air of “Stupid Americans.  We are soooo much better than you.”  The really interesting part came when we (the Americans) had to say what we thought of the Canadians and we could not think of one distinguishing characteristic.  I said something like I don’t know much about Canadian history because we spend a lot of time in school discussing American, European, and world history, but Canada is never really mentioned.

The Canadian girl said something like, “No offense, but that shows a fault in your educational system.”  The other Canadian said, “We learn about how to interact with our aboriginal people, and about the War of 1812 and stuff.”  I said, “Yeah we learn about all of that too, but it takes us about fifteen minutes because Canada has never really done anything.”  Bam.  Suck on that, our boring neighbors to the north.  I also talked about how my ex-boyfriend was Canadian, and he was an asshole who ate fries with gravy all the time.  I rule.

I feel like I complain a lot on this blog, but I really am having a great time.  It just so happens that the things I find most interesting to report are often the conflicts.  We went and hung out at a place called the Waterhole, which has live music every night.  It was pretty entertaining hearing 90’s American music all night long.  I take a lot of naps and drink beer daily, so I’m doing alright.  Love.

7 responses to “Captain A-Mary-ca!

  1. Oh, Canada. That is strange that they are so close and we do not study them more in our schools. I agree that they must be too boring to entertain our higher intellect. Didn’t the french steal it from us, or something like that? They are just jealous of us. I also agree that you do rule. How is the beer there? Is it thick like I heard it is in Europe? Does anyone make margaritas? Californians have to be the way they are because they are afraid they will crack off into the ocean someday, never to be heard from again… anyway, I love ya and miss ya! I am so happy you are having a great time!

    Your favorite aunt(after Kelly) Linda

  2. Mary Dannaldson

    Canada is just a suburb of America. Like Raytown to Kansas City. Our history is their history, that’s why we don’t study (specifially) it in school. They are going to have the 2010 Olympics up there and it really looks beautiful. So that is a plus for them. I, personally, like Canada. I actually have some distant relatives that live in Canada.

  3. leeanne dollins

    Boy, do you know how to incite a riot or what? just be careful not to judge all Canadians and their “aboriginal people” by comparison with your pale ex-boyfriend!

  4. I hope I am one of the non-obnoxious Californian’s you have met:P

  5. You should really freak them out by telling them about Dad’s idea for the US to take over both Canada and Mexico because they both suck us dry. Talk about someone who could incite riots in Europe…”Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Mike Dollins!”

    Drinking beer daily – not like thick German beer right?

  6. Hmmmm…..I have been to Canada. Snuck over and went to a casino there when I was 18 and visiting Detroit. There was an underground tunnel that went to Canada or something. It was okay but I remember being totally scared over there. Our cabbie was really scary—lol. Boo Canada! :)

  7. Haha, Canadian ex-boyfriend.

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