Worst Day of Life in Amsterdam, Possibly in World

This has been the first day that I have cried out of frustration since the first day I arrived here.  This is due to:

1.  I got a max of 3 hours of sleep last night.  I can’t ever sleep when I need to.  I will be so tired but I just can’t fall asleep.

2.  My Religion and/as Media class started today, and I can tell I am going to hate it.

3.  People are assholes.

#1 doesn’t really need much explanation.  In response to #2, well…it sucks.  The teacher is Portuguese, and she seems nice, but I can tell she is super flaky.  Everything was so abstract and confusing.  She would go on and on about air…or something.  Anyway, the syllabus is really vague.  We don’t know what our assignments are or when they are due.  She is making us do presentations in the form of Youtube montages (which I don’t even know what that means.  Can you even make your own montage out of other Youtube clips?) over articles that she assigned to us.  The articles are sucky enough as it is, but at least she could have let us pick ones we were mildly interested in.  Nope.  I am stuck trying to find Youtube clips on Egyptian tape recordings of sermons.  Someone shoot me.

#3.  People are assholes, most particularly, the Canadians.  Yes, those Canadians, who just happen to have the same class as me.  I thought I could be done with those bitches once and for all.

Pointing back to the fact that my teacher is a flake and that people are assholes, our teacher made an assignment of going to visit an art exhibition that sounds like it has very little to do with religion or media.  Whatever.  Anyways, the exhibition ends March 8 or something, but she didn’t want to use our class time for us to go as a group, because she wanted to keep class time open for the stupid article presentations.  Okay, so the next logical step would be to tell everyone to go on their own and come back with a report, right?  No, that would be too smart.  Instead, the teacher wanted to hire a guide for the exhibition, therefore we all had to go at once.  Her next brilliant idea was to go around the room and  say, “Raise your hand if you are busy Monday morning…Monday afternoon…Tuesday morning….”  At EVERY SINGLE TIME at least one person was busy.  Some people had class, which is understandable, but some people were like, “Uh well I will be in Barcelona this weekend and Florence the next.”  And some people were just like, “I’m busy on Saturday.”  No, you’re not.  Having a hangover is not being busy.  One kid had class on Thursday mornings, but he was the only one so the teacher asked him to ask his other professor if he could be excused that one day.  He agreed, but then the teacher changed her mind and felt like it would be wrong to have the guy miss another class.  Finally she agreed to let us go to the exhibition during our class time next week, which starts at 12.

In another stroke of brilliance, she says for everyone to meet at the exhibition across town at 11:30.  Well, my class before this one doesn’t get out until 11:45.  I raised my hand and told her that, but then, from across the room, comes big mouth Canadian (the one who bitched at me about how Canada is the best) saying, “You know you can ask your professor to let you out of class ten minutes early.”  Yeah, I know.  But the thing is, in order to be across town by 11:30, I will have to leave my class 45 minutes early.  Which kind of sucks because that is the one class I have where the professor teaches things not in the book, and never lets us out early.  So I will be missing out on 1/3 of the class.  There is no real reason that we have to meet 30 minutes before class actually starts, other than the fact that the teacher wants us to be able to have class after the exhibition, too.  She told me to ask my other professor to let me out early, but I won’t see him until next week, in his class.  So I either have to awkwardly e-mail him and tell him my other professor is going crazy, or I just have to spring it on him before class.  Grr.

I just don’t understand why the one kid with the Thursday class was exempted from asking his professor to miss class, while I am not.  Thankfully there is a Japanese girl in both classes with me, so I won’t be all alone in leaving class early, but she is not much help, as she does not speak much English.

Moral of the story:  Canadians are and will always be assholes.  With man voices.  There, I said it.

Also, I have found a class on religion that I hate.  There is a first time for everything.

Finally, media studies people are generally assholes too.  All they want to do is watch TV and give it some spiritual significance.  They can suck it.

I am going to take a nap before my first Dutch class tonight.  Hopefully when I wake up life won’t suck so much.  Also, I want to start a Q&A type thing on this blog so I can answer a lot of the questions you guys ask in the comments section.  First up:  A detailed analysis of my experience with European beer and other alcohol, thus far.  Cheers!


3 responses to “Worst Day of Life in Amsterdam, Possibly in World

  1. I lost 4 euros to the stupid ticket system today! So I can sort of relate 1/3 of the way to your bad day. PLUS I can’t sleep. As is evident by me commenting on your blog at 01:53 in the night.

    Well at least tomorrow Thomas has agreed to make dinner for us all. So hopefully that will be a better day! And you can teach me some dutch; “Spreekt u een beetje Nederlands?, Ik spreek geen Nederlands.”

  2. Whoa… Ole’s comment on this is dated Feb. 18….. and right now it is still Feb. 17th in KCMO!!

    Maybe this will make you feel better. Candians vs USA (Californians to be exact, haha) There is some strong language, but we’re all adults here, right?

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