Bike(r) Chick…Daughter of Anarchy?

This blog brings me such joy.  It has made me keep a better eye out for interesting things to report, listen better to interesting conversations, and just generally pay more attention to potentially blog-worthy events.  However, the best part by far is the comments section.  You guys are so hilarious and make me really happy.

One of the more interesting parts of the blog is being able to see what people search for.  I am not sure if this is what people search for in the search bar on this blog, or if these are terms that people type into Google to get to this blog.  My hope is that it is the latter, as the best search term ever appeared today on my stats page: “wolf decals.”

So, yes, maybe someone has read the Oh, Jonesboro! post from about a year ago (awww, our very first post!) and just wanted to get a refresher on how the Jonesboro natives love to rock the wolf decal on their cars (see post for explanation).  It’s possible, but my greatest hope is that someone out there was just searchin’ the net, trying to find a new kick-ass wolf decal for their Astrovan.  And in the process, that person stumbled across this blog.  So if it was you who searched “wolf decals” on this blog, don’t tell me.  I would like to keep my mental image of the wolf decal fanatic just the way it is, thank you.

In other news, I bought a bike!  Which is kind of a big deal in Amsterdam, you know.  I took Thomas with me to the Waterlooplein market because I tend to think boys have a better mechanical inclination than me.  This theory was proven when we went bike shopping, because Thomas asked all those questions that you need to ask, like “Why are all the gears broken?” and “Why is the light broken?” and “Will you fix the light and give us bike locks for (insert lower price)?”  I rode the bike around in a circle like 7 times.  That was the extent of my bike knowledge.  The guy I bought it from was super nice.  He was from Burkina Faso and was so jolly and funny.  He put new lights on the front and back of the bike (lights are required by law here), lowered the seat, and tightened or did something to the gears.  He went to put the back lock on (the one that makes it so the tire can’t move if stolen) and had to…saw a piece of metal off the bike or something.  He got out one of those spinning round saws and just starts going at it, sparks flying everywhere, no safety glasses.  I’m not sure why I expected him to put safety goggles.  Here is a picture of the beauty (the cheapest bike there):

I feel like this bike is perfect for me.  It is the same color as my car back home, it has been spray painted (characteristic of many Dollins vehicles), and it is kind of ghetto (also very characteristic of Dollins vehicles…just kidding, Dad!  Not ghetto, just fixer-uppers).  So in honor of my new bike and the Dollins tradition of naming our vehicles, I will be taking suggestions for bike names starting….now.

I had a couple of bad days this week, what with not getting enough sleep, having stupid classes, and encountering the Canadians yet again!  But my days have gotten much better.  Last night the boys and I had dinner again (I think this is becoming like a weekly family dinner or something.  I am also taking suggestions for something to make that even I can’t mess up.  It should be noted that I have no oven or microwave.  Come on, moms!  I need help!).  We had a conversation about what constitutes a pancake.  I have had more conversations about pancakes since coming to Amsterdam than I have had in my whole life!  But anyway, I believe the consensus is that Norwegian pancakes are the same thing as crepes, and the only difference is what you put on/in them.  In Norway, you usually eat pancakes for dessert, but sometimes for dinner and rarely for breakfast.  Pancakes are served with blueberry jam, sugar, and/or bacon.  The bacon/blueberry jam issue was quite divisive among the Norwegians, in terms of whether or not bacon should be eaten with the jam, or separately.  I think.  They also eat these things that are very similar to American pancakes, but I can’t spell the name of them.  It starts with an “S” I believe.  Help me out here, boys.  All in all, I think it was agreed that pancakes are delicious in any country.

I listen to the Into the Wild soundtrack every day, all day long.  It’s gotten obsessive.  I also have gotten really good at making fried rice and tea, and I have kept up with my reading even though it is hundreds of pages of boring articles every week.  Go me!  I wandered around yesterday and walked to the east, which I have not done before because all the stuff to do is to the west and south.  But I walked about fifteen minutes until I got to a giant, old windmill.  I thought about taking a picture, but it wasn’t very pretty or all that cool.  Right behind the windmill the area got really industrial and ugly and had a bunch of Texaco gas stations, so I will try to find a prettier windmill to satisfy all of your Dutch stereotypes.

About the beer:  I am still meaning to address the European beer issue, but I feel like I need to to more research.  ;)  After this weekend I should have a better idea of what to say.  All in the name of research, right?  I will take Ole Martin with me and he can break down the beer into its elements.  Is beer even made of elements?  I am so dumb about science.  And beer.  But that’s about to change!


8 responses to “Bike(r) Chick…Daughter of Anarchy?

  1. Here are my three suggestions. They all have Dutch origins too.

    Angelien – angel; messenger (It looks like a cute messenger bike.)
    Olivia – Peace; elf army (……. How could you not like this name now?)
    Arabella – beautiful (I think this a pretty name and it’s fitting for a piece transportation.)

    And maybe make a salad.. or some sort of fruit concoction. Or no-bake cheesecake!

  2. The American pancake equivalent is “Svele”.

    And yes, Beer is made out of elements (atoms), everything is made out of atoms!

  3. your new bike is beautiful!! and thanks to thomas for helping you out, he sounds like a good friend. BlueToo(2) is my suggestion or The_________________insert make of bike, you know like the Kia, the cavalier, etc.
    Try to get some sleep this week-end so you can have a better week next.
    love you

  4. Mary,

    I love your bike! It is very cute. I think you should call it BLAM.—BL–for blue and AM for Amsterdam. I dunno–sounded better when I said it out loud but not so much when I am writing it. lol. I love you. Suddenly I am craving pancakes!


  5. Hi Mary!
    Love the bike. How about “the blue gem (a)”.
    It looks like a gem and gema in honor of your moms secret desire to be jemma – the ultimate biker babe!! Go Sons!

    Do you have a hot plate? you could make american pancakes with fresh blueberries. YUM!
    PS – tell the Canadians that the US is kicking their butt in the olympics.
    love you

  6. I feel like the only appropriate name for the new bike would be: Daddy. I know how some of you feel about dad, but hear me out. When someone asks you what you are getting ready to do, you could be like i gotta ride daddy the grocery store. Or someone could ask how you got to the pub with all your very european friends and you could reply that dad brought me. Idk, just thinking. The only other idea is The Getaway. Mary once told me that she would never ride a bike unless of course dogs were chasing her. take your pick-

  7. What about Hiroshima? (in honor of all the terrific manufaturing that comes out of Japan, and in light of all your scientitic quandries. see also “atomic bomb”)
    We have to each give a presentation over a specific writing center criterium during staff meetings. :/ just so you know what you’re missing. I think I’ll do mine on consulatant assisted suicide…

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